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  • What makes Starlist different?

  • Inspired by the world of fashion, hair and culture, Starlist creates a new standard of beauty through products that are crafted to deliver on their promise.

  • What is the difference between shampoo and Starlist Cleansing

  • Starlist cleanses the hair without harsh detergents, harsh sulfates and harsh chemicals that can be found in most ordinary shampoos. Starlist will leave your hair clean and hydrated and healthy-looking.

  • Which system should I use?

  • We recommend choosing your Cell Therapy System based on your hair type or largest concerns. For those with dry hair we recommend our Moisture System..

  • There are a ton of shampoos at the drugstore that claim to be colour-safe. Can I use those instead of expensive salon products?

  • If you spend the money to get your color done professionally, get some professional colour protecting shampoo and conditioner, and throw away that drugstore crap because it does NOT protect your colour. and you can get great value from the mid range Bonacure Colour series by Starlist.